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1 Pcs Artificial Orchid Flower Pot Plant Decorative Items for Home Decor, Interior Decor, Room Decor, Living Room Table Decor Plants and Craft Items Corner (Design 3) (White and Purple)
Material: Plastic
Type: Artificial Flowers
Product Breadth: 10 cm
Product Height: 10 cm
Product Length: 10 cm
Net Quantity (N): 1
Due to the difference on sunlight , displays, configurations and diverse opinions on color, color shading is inevitable. Artificial Flowers Explanation – Please do not expose artificial flowers to exposure under the burning sun for a long time, otherwise the flowers will lose their bright colors and become dull –Because the closed airtight of the product in transportation, it is normal for having some taste. You could put them in a ventilated place for a while, and the smell will disappear slowly. Perfect Additions To Wedding Flowers, Bouquets, festival decor, occasion decor And for Wedding Cakes, birthday decoration, party decoration etc. Flower, leaves and stem are fixed together quite strong, no flower drop off. They can be used to decorate lawn, porch, window box, front door, pots, hanging planters, vase, gardens, landscape, windowsills, home, offices, etc. to make your living environment full of vitality. If you want these flowers to look like growing in water, you may put them in a glass vase with water. And, you may water the surface of the flower head to make the flower looks fresh.

Country of Origin: India